Spotlight: Watermelon Radish

Aliases: Roseheart, red meat radish, beauty heart radish, red daikon, shinrimei radish.

Cousins: Arugula, broccoli, turnips, cabbage.

How to choose: The radishes should be firm and dense.

How to store: Store in a plastic bag in your fridge’s crisper drawer for up to a month.

Supposedly good for: Vitamin C.

Trivia: “Like most radishes the Watermelon radish contains isothiocyanate, a pungent chemical compound that when isolated makes an organic, natural pest repellent. Often radish crops (along with other Brassica plants) are planted by growers for this attribute as they release these compounds which are a natural repellent to weeds, pests, and soil born pathogens.” —via.


Sources: Grist, Specialty Produce, Kitchn.


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