My name is Katie, and this blog is an attempt to document this year’s CSA (community-supported agriculture) experience.

Last year, our family (three adults, one baby) signed up for a summer farm share & loved what it had to offer so we extended our subscription through Fall. This year, we’ve tacked on the Spring share & received our first box on March 6!

As much as we love our share, we found ourselves scrambling to keep up with the sheer quantity of veggies we received. For example, we received so much celeriac last Fall, a vegetable that was so foreign and unknown to us that it went mostly unused and eventually tossed. It wasn’t until we received our first Spring share that we had the opportunity to look into celeriac’s potential. With a little research and planning, my hope is that we can cut down on food waste and increase the dollar value of our share.

Between my husband and MIL, I do very little in the kitchen. Bragging to our friends that my husband does all of the cooking starts to lose its luster when you realize that you’re basically just telling people that you’re the lazy bum in the marriage. Ouch.

Time to do some learning!